www.mcnach.com so you wanna know who the hell I am, eh? My guitars, amps, fx etc... Pictures and soundclips. Bands I am or have been involved with Cool guitar-related links Guitar karaoke??? pretend to be on stage with your favourite band - spandex, leather and big hair optional...
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This site originally started just as a convenient
place for me to upload electric guitar related
stuff to share with others... and now it's become
this... thing...

You'll find pictures and info on guitars, guitar
wiring, amps, FX, and recording equipment that I
own or have owned, and also some sound
samples. In the near future I hope to add more
to the sounds section, so check back soon if
that's what you're interested in.

Take a look at the links section for some
interesting guitar-related websites (tabs, backing
tracks, wiring...)

Lately I've been listening to...

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Tanglewood Warrior III bass